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The Remote Control of Your Phone Camera
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fotoshoto is your
invisible selfie stick!

Selfies are boring. Believe us when we say this, how can selfies be good memories, when all we can see is our big face? How can a selfie look interesting when you’re somewhere that’s really dope but all you show is your face? Since, we click selfies from a very close proximity, it makes the picture look really uncomfortable and uncool.

With fotoshoto, you can be your own cameraman. Fotoshoto gives your selfie a little space, good angle and your big face can look good for people to see. If you really suck at taking selfies with your hand, fotoshoto can be your invisible selfie stick. Why don’t you surprise people with acing your selfie game?

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Together is Better

don't leave anyone behind the camera for a group picture

Don't you hate the fact that someone is always missing from your group pictures because he is behind the camera?

Don't worry! Fotoshoto is your road to a happy, cherishable perfect pictures. You can be a part of every group picture and no one has to sacrifice for it because good group pictures are worth everything!

be your own photographer

now no more
'can you click my picture please?'

Asking someone to click a picture for you can be a mess. First, asking someone is a big struggle & awkward. If you’ve asked someone and they agree too, the other problem is, not many people bother looking for a good angle. So, we usually end up having some major disappointing pictures. Also, are we always comfortable to pose infront of a stranger?

What if you never have to ask someone for a picture and you click it on your own! Welcome to fotoshoto.

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Click your own Candid shots

at the right place but no one to click?

We all know clicking pictures of yourself can be a bit of a pain especially when you’re visiting an awesome place and you’re alone. We often wonder if we had someone to capture everything that we see. Good quality pictures is all we want when we return from a trip!

Fotoshoto is your partner on your Solo Trip. You can have the best pictures even when you’re alone. We call Fotoshoto your very own cameraman for a reason!