1 Way you can remotely access another cell camera!

Remotely having access to another cell camera is not an easy task, this is considered invasion of someone’s privacy, it is possible with the other person’s knowledge.

There are a lot of spy apps available online, you can check that.

Apart from the spy apps, I came across Fotoshoto, which lets you access someone else’s camera with their advanced technology.

Fotoshoto is an app available only on Android right now, let’s see what actually Fotoshoto is:

  • For Fotoshoto to work, you’ve got to have it installed in two different android devices.
  • After installing Fotoshoto in both the devices, you’ve to pair them both.
  • After pairing, you’ll be able to see live camera of the first device in your second device.
  • Setting one device somewhere and the other one in your hand to see the frame, you can now click awesome pictures.

Now you know how to remotely have access to another cell camera.

The question arises, where all can Fotoshoto help us?

#1 Do Your Selfies Make Your Face Look Big?

Firstly, while clicking a picture with Fotoshoto, we get space between the camera and the person, which helps the person take a good selfie, without letting their face look big.

Step one for a good selfie is to have a good distance, that is one of the reasons people use selfie sticks, but they’re a big hassle. That’s where Fotoshoto comes in picture, your very own invisible selfie stick to click amazing selfies.

#2 Do You Hate When You’re Behind The Camera And Not In Group Pictures?

Secondly, when we hang out with our friends, there is usually that one person who clicks the picture and is never part of the memories.

The answer for a memorable group picture is Fotoshoto. With its help, you can set your phone somewhere and all your friends/family members can be in the picture.

#3 On A Solo Trip But Have No One To Click Your Pictures?

Thirdly, we all want to go on a Solo Trip, but before going their the question that arises is that, “How will I click good pictures?

Now, we all the this is hard, but since I’ve known about Fotoshoto, I have my answers. Fotohoto can help you click good candid shots on your own, wherein you can set one phone in a good angle and use the other device as the remote control to click your picture. And voila!

#4 Do You Find It Awkward To Ask Strangers To Click Your Pictures?

Lastly, aren’t you disappointed seeing the pictures that stranger click for you? Yeah, I know, we all have been through this once in our life. We’re often not satisfied with the pictures others click for us, that’s where Fotoshoto comes as a great help!

With Fotoshoto, there is no need for you to ask strangers to click your pictures, just because you want everyone to be in the group picture. All you have to do is set your camera somewhere and use the other device as the remote and yes you have your picture!

Yes, Fotoshoto is the answer to every problem that you face, while clicking a picture. Fotoshoto is the remote control of your phone camera. You can watch the live preview of your camera on your second phone and take awesome Selfies and Group Pictures. (https://www.hindustantimes.com/brand-post/fotoshoto-gets-selected-by-google-for-new-business-scale-sales-program/story-0vuji8AVRoUrkEly289vsJ.html)

So, here you have your answer, you can also, remotely turn on and off the camera from your device, with the help of Fotoshoto.

If the information was useful to you, please let me know your feedback in the comment section below, I’d love to read.

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