3 free Selfie apps on Android to look out for in 2020

If you love clicking Selfies, these 3 free selfie apps you must explore.

#1 Fabby

Fabby is one such selfie app which has got interesting photo editing features.

Have a look at few of them:


This feature blurs out the background and got three different intensities of blur.

A girl trying Blur feature of Fabby selfie apps


Theme of Fabby gives different background animations like love, panda, fire crackers etc, with their respective music.

A girl trying Theme feature of Fabby selfie apps

I’m Lucky

This feature gives four different filters to apply on your image with the music. We can click any one of the options, and the filter shuffles.

  • Back of the image
  • Front of the image
  • Mask on the person’s face.
  • All- shuffles the above three features together.
A girl trying I'm Lucky feature of Fabby selfie apps


Meanwhile, this feature enhances the backgrounds in the image, for example- purple, pink, gold etc.

A girl trying Beauty feature of Fabby selfie apps


In this feature you can change the background of the image from your phone gallery.

A girl trying Custom feature of Fabby selfie apps

How to download Fabby

download it here

#2 Retrica

When we talk about selfie apps, we have to look at Retrica. Lets have a look at its cool features:


It gives options to click pictures together and combine them in different grids available. It bursts pictures and combines them.

A girl trying Collage feature of Retrica selfie apps


The GIF features makes small boomerang kind of a video.

A girl trying GIF feature of Retrica selfie apps


There are a lot of filters available to click pictures in, for example, Corsica, Antico, Rico etc. Also, you can add the filters you like, as your favourites.

A girl trying filter feature of Retrica selfie apps

Meanwhile Retrica has other features also:

  • Firstly, the size of your image can be selected, for example, 9:16, 3:4, 4:5, 1:1 etc.
  • Smoothening of the image can be done from the drop option available at the bottom bar.
  • You can add shade on the edges of the image.
  • Different watermarks are also available to apply on your image.
  • There is an option to make the image grainy.
  • We can set the timer.
  • There is an option to use the flash.
  • We can save pictures in the gallery.

How to download Retrica

download it here

#3 Fotoshoto

Fotoshoto is not a photo editor application, but a real innovation in selfie apps segment. To sum up, such an innovative idea I have come across.

I have always felt that all of my selfies are not real me. Problems with selfies are endless, some of them are:

  • It shows a fat face
  • Doesn’t cover backgrounds
  • Covers only half of me
  • My hand always comes in between

With fotoshoto I could get rid of these problems.

How to use fotoshoto

  • You need to have two android phones
  • After creating your profile, the app shows your phone contacts
  • Just choose any contact which also has fotoshoto and pair
  • Keep one phone anywhere to click picture. Keep it on ground, table, tree, rock any possible place
  • You see the LIVE preview of your photo on second phone…WOW!
  • Give a pose of your choice and click

Isn’t it cool! See the difference in photos:

A girl showing the difference between normal selfie and Fotoshoto selfie

How to download fotoshoto

download it here


See there is no dearth of selfie apps. It largely depends on your taste as to what exactly are you looking for.

I would say, try the above three if you want to run some experiment and let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Have heard a lot about photoshoto and recently i have found out that (Fotoshoto gets selected by Google for New Business Scale Sales Program) And i am really happy because i have been using it for almost a month or so and i am really impressed by the idea.

  2. Such an awesome blog Yukti and thanks for sharing a piece of good advice with us. These apps are really very good with interesting and new features.

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