5 ways to take better selfies (a definitive guide)

How to take better selfies? Sometimes, it is difficult to take a flattering photo, hence, we all face this problem, but, what most people don’t know is that it is not important to only show your face for a good picture, but, also, many other things can make you have out of the box pictures:

#1 Two hands give good angle for a better selfie

Firstly, not everyone is as pro selfies taker. Sometimes, I take hundreds of pictures and not a single selfie to post, also, the hand start paining. So, take a selfie with both hands.

A girl using two hands to take better selfie

#2 Post your Shoes: Better selfies are not always about the face

Secondly, when people talk about attractive pictures, we think of the face, but, there can also be other things that can make your pictures look attractive and creative for your social media profile.

A girl taking photo of her shoe

#3 Mirror selfies are a thing

Thirdly, the selfie in the mirror looks really cool and also, makes the eyes stop to that picture.

A girl using mirror to take better selfie

#4 Full body shot for your social media

Fourthly, Full body shots give more coverage in a selfie and not like most selfies that people post these days. I checked out this app called Fotoshoto (Fotoshoto gets selected by Google for New Business Scale Sales Program) that helps people take full body shots while taking a selfie. I think this can really help.

There are other apps as well to take better selfies.

A girl taking a full body selfie

#5 Lights are the key

Lastly, Lights are a game changer, you just have to take your photos in natural light and you’re good to go!

A girl using natural light to take better selfie


I am sure you too would have lots of ways to take better selfies. What about sharing few with me!

Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey I have also used fotoshoto and it;s quite interesting was really pissed off because i was the only one taking the group photos but now photoshoto has helped me to be in that photo.

  2. Selfies had never been my cup of tea. This blog helped me a lot without a doubt. Thanks a lot for posting such an interesting blog.

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