50 Photo Ideas That Can Grow Instagram Followers in 2020

You want to know the simplest answer of how to grow Instagram followers?

Post Photos That Look Gorgeous!

But, if you struggle taking good pictures, don’t think too much, I can help you a little here. (No. 24 is great!)

#1 Your Background is Everything!

If you want your pictures to look trendy and quirky, you need to have colourful and good backgrounds!

You will have to see what is behind you, the colours in the background matter a lot!

Sometimes, ordinary background can work, but not always.

How to grow Instagram followers? Background is Everything

#2 Lighting is the Key

It should be kept in mind, that photography is how well you can play with the lights.

All the good pictures you see on Social Media are even, accurate and properly lit!

Be it a posie or a selfie, one thing they both have in common is the lighting!

How to grow Instagram followers? - Lighting

#3 The Rule Of Thirds

If you pay close attention to the profiles of Photographers on Social Media, you will see that the selfies they post follow the Rule of the Thirds.

Rule of the Thirds, basically means that while posing for a selfie you should keep your face on the top corner of your selfie, where as the remaining body covering the rest of the space.

Rule of third is must to use when it comes to how to grow Instagram followers?

Grow Instagram followers - Rule Of Thirds

#4 Play Around With Color Blocking

Isn’t it cool when the whole picture is black and white except for a single object?

Color blocking usually highlights the main object that you think should stand out, like the only person in the picture.

#5 Shoot Your Shot In Your Best Angle

Everyone has their best angles. You must be knowing yours, right?

If not, there is a very basic step. Just click your pictures from every angle and you’ll know!

Just be sure to bend your face a little forward so that your face doesn’t have a double chin.

Grow instagram followers - Your Best Angle

#6 Some Of The Best Pictures Are The Ones Without The Face

Every day is not a good day. You don’t always get the best picture.

So, for those days, it is good to click the mirror selfies/ the pictures without the face, usually of your outfit.

You can focus on your outfit, accessories, shoes etc. Be creative as much as possible!

How to grow Instagram followers? This one is always my go to trick.

grow instagram followers - Without The Face

#7 Don’t Go Over Board With The Filters

The most amazing editing apps according to me are VSCO and Lightroom.

Don’t make your pictures those kind of pictures where the filters and edits are easily visible.

Choose your Editing apps very carefully.

grow instagram followers - No Filters

#8 Go For Those Group Selfies

Group Selfies are also called ‘Groupfie’. They are a great way to bring depth and dynamic to your pictures.

Posting individual pictures becomes a little boring after a certain point.

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grow instagram followers - Group Selfies

#9 Click While Making Memories

You may forget the day you casually hung out with your friends, but your pictures will last for a very long time.

Make the most of the best time but don’t forget to click a picture, honestly, that’s what the audience likes to see!

grow instagram followers - Use Back Camera

#10 Click Photos from Above

When we click a picture from above, it is very common that you will most definitely have a ‘good picture’.


Because when we click the picture from above, there is no chance for a double chin; your eyes look big and beautiful.

Also, there is a good chance, you’ll be able to have the background too.

grow instagram followers -Pictures from Above

#11 The Couple Picture

Don’t shy away from posting with the love of your life, if you have someone, obviously.

There are many kinds of couple selfies that you can pose for, say for instance, one of you is holding the camera with one hand and with the other, holding your partner’s hand.

The other partner is the one posing, often known as the ‘Follow Me’ pose.

grow instagram followers - Couple Picture

#12 A Sneak Peak Of Your Body Always Works

If you’re too much into selfies, you’ll notice that the internet is full of people posting their face in the selfie frame.

What is more interesting is that you can only click parts of your body and that’s it!

These kind of selfies are very common in girls, but boys can post them too!

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grow instagram followers - Sneak Peak Of Your Body

#13 Keep It Casual

It is always not necessary for you to wink or pout or laugh in a selfie. Sometimes, the opposite also works.

You can click a cute selfie while actually doing nothing and just sitting in a cafe.

Cute and Candid pictures always work, because it is about the emotions and feelings too.

grow instagram followers - Keep It Casual

#14 Eyes Always Speak

Eyes are the most attractive part of everyone’s selfie, what we don’t know sometimes is how to use it in a selfie.

If you can see directly in to the camera with that intense look, or over most of your face and just let your eyes show, your work is done!

grow instagram followers - Eyes Always Speak

#15 Give ‘That Look’ In The Lens

While clicking a selfie, what people do is look on the camera screen rather that looking in the lens, which results in a distracted picture.

Looking in the lens always gives that intense look!

grow instagram followers - Give ‘That Look’

#16 The Power Of Reflection

The Selfie that we take on reflecting objects are the most simplest because they don’t actually require a skill.

All you have to do is find a reflecting object, like a mirror: Pose and there you have it, your selfie which is so different from the usual ones.

grow instagram followers - Power Of Reflection

#17 Take A Picture Of Your Legs

In the present times, selfies are not solely about the faces anymore.

If you search for creative pictures online, you will find a few pictures where people click their legs.

They show their new pair of shoes or give us a sneak peak of the beautiful background.

A cool way on how to grow Instagram followers!

grow instagram followers - Legs

#18 Full-Length Pictures Are Good To GO!

If you’re wearing a very good outfit, something you’re really proud of or if you’ve been working out, then full-length pictures can be the best for you.

All you’ve to do is grab a big mirror, where you can see yourself, head to toe and just click.

#19 Take A Series Of Photos And Combine Them In A Collage!

When a basic selfie becomes boring then you can click a series of selfies and combine them in a collage!

Collages usually are a treat to look at, because there is always too much going on in there which makes the eyes stay!

#20 Accessories Can Bring Out The Best In Your Selfies

Just keep in mind, there are not many things or changes that you can show in a selfie. Selfies are the most basic pictures.

So, next time you click a selfie, remember that it is very easy to make your selfies attractive, only by using the most basic accessories like a scarf, a watch, gold jewellery etc.

#21 Pictures With the Celebrities

I know, this is not one of those easy ideas to follow. It would be better to say that this is almost impossible for a few of us.

But, if you have had the opportunity to get hold of a selfie with a celeb, then you have something that most people don’t!

#22 Click Your Selfie In The Most Unusual Place!

Believe it or not, selfies that you took in your office is not going to surprise anyone!

Be creative and find the most unusual place to click your selfie.

A proven way to grow Instagram followers.

#23 Photos With Your Pets Are One Of The Best

If you have a pet that deserves to be a part of your selfies, then trust me you can have some of the best selfies.

According to me, your pets can get you a lot of likes just by being in a selfie with you.

#24 Camera Remote apps know your angles!

It is not possible for someone to click your picture all the time, you’re sometimes alone too.

How do you click your picture then?

Use camera remote apps like Fotoshoto. Download Fotoshoto from here.

Just connect two phones and you’re good to go!

Grow Insta followers

#25 Play around with poses with Silhouettes

Silhouettes pictures are one of the most easiest and cool pictures to take, playing around with shadows is very attractive.

People stop and watch your selfies repeatedly.

You don’t have to worry about your dress or your makeup, you just need to play around with your poses.

#26 Not Your Everyday Makeup!

Nowadays, becoming a social media sensation with your talent is easy. If you think you have good hands for good makeup, then doing a Nontrivial makeup can be your thing.

Just think out of the box, for instance, you can go over the top, and turn yourself into your favourite cartoon!

Surefire way to grow Instagram followers.

#27 Click That Picture Like A Model

Selfies started off with females posing like models, showing off their clothes, makeup and accessories.

Go on, be that Model! Grow a massive followers on Instagram!

#28 Selfie With Bright Colors

We all know, bright colors attract people.

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Funky pictures with quirky and colorful background can help you! (Make your own colorful background using colorful sheets)

Or, when we talk about colors, we think of balloons, flowers, summer outfits!

#29 Take That Picture In The Water

Just take a picture of yourself having the best life, enjoying in the water.

These pictures are calm, relaxing and look good on your social media!

#30 You can Pout It Out!

Every girl on social, or at least nine of ten girls have the kissy babe pose, that looks cute, flirty and highlights the cheekbones.

Girls! It’s time now, blow that kiss baby! The road to grow One Million Instagram followers!

#31 That Selfie on your bed yeah!

Clicking a selfie on your bed is so underrated, but trust me, a selfie on your bed also called a ‘Bedfie’ looks fire on social media.

The Bedfie, not only makes people stay at your picture, but also gives a story about the place you’re in!

#32 The Double Exposure Technique can do a lot!

If you have an image that has double exposure then that clearly says that you’re a good photographer with skills in editing!

So, master this art of mixture, by using the picture of a plant, building or even a landscape.

#33 That Ray Of Sun!

For this one to work, all you have to do is stand near a window, where there is sun hitting you.

Click that selfie with the hashtag #sunkissed!

#34 Woke Up Like This!

One of the most candid selfies are the ones where people click themselves right after they open their eyes!

The pictures in the morning are very candid and a treat to look at!

#35 Click The Very Famous ‘Follow Me’ Photo

When I talked about clicking a picture with your love, I mentioned ‘Follow me’ selfies there.

The Selfie you click while showing your back and holding the hand of the cameraman, leave people with curiosity as in who was clicking the picture.

#36 Show Your Cooking Skills

A picture in your kitchen, are very interesting pictures to the person who is watching it.

Why? People are usually inclined towards people doing their stuff.

Have you ever wondered why are food blogs so highly watched? You know now!

#37 Make Use of The Glass Reflection

Glass reflection brings out the creative photography.

These kind of pictures look very attractive, all you have to do is pose behind a window.

#38 Get Yourself a Selfie Stick

All the selfie lovers out there know the real use of a selfie stick and how they consider it a Godsend gadget.

Selfie stick help people click a selfie covering the most area and everyone in the picture!

#39 Let Your Brow Do The Talking!

The intense bro face is the most common selfie idea, that most people do.

It brings out the definition to your eyes, mainly the upper part of your face.

For that intense look, tilt your face, raise one of your eyebrow and look right into your camera and you’re good to go!

#40 That Gym Selfie

Do you spend a good amount of time in the gym?

Ones after workout pictures where you look tired and worked out are good pictures for your social media!

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#41 Your Hair and Makeup!

Click yourself while you are in a middle of something, like in a salon getting your hair done or your makeup.

These kind of picture tell a whole lot of other story and give a good sneak peak into your life.

#42 Click That Picture With Your Drink

Show your followers your favorite drink while posing with it.

When you click a picture with your drink, people get to know how playful and fun loving you are, meanwhile getting to know your go-to drink (If you know what I mean!)

#43 Picture While Your Tongue Is Out

While posing for a picture, it is good to pose with your tongue out.

Meanwhile our parents told us not to show our tongue, but pose and take that snap!

#44 Snapchat Filters

I think, most of us, before we started using Snapchat as the Social Media Platform, we all used it as a photo clicking app.

Snapchat has some of the best selfie filters. So, use it to the fullest and post that cute picture!

#45 Pose With Your Food

Who doesn’t like food? Everyone likes looking at good food.

If you’re out having good food, let your food have a good cameo with you because that’s a delicious picture, okay?

#46 With The Relatives

These kind of pictures that you click with your family or relatives, are very attractive because they are emotional.

Click pictures with your parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents!

#47 Click Pictures With The Close Up

One of the main problems that people have while clicking a selfie is that unnecessary background.

So, do get relief from this problem is that you can click a selfie with your face really close to the camera, but do not click it from a lower angle, because fear that double chin, you know!

#48 Do That Extreme Sport And Click A Picture

Doing an extreme sport is an unusual situation.

So, while you pose for a picture doing an extreme sport can be an interesting thing to watch!

#49 Pictures With Different Emotions

While you pose for a selfie, go on and pose for a number of series with different emotions and combine them into a collage.

Start on with a happy face, go on and give that grumpy face, sad face and pose it off!

#50 The Drone Selfie

Lastly, Drones have been a new invention in the photography field.

If you ever have the budget to buy a drone, click with it and post it, I’m sure it’s going to fetch you a lot of likes!

Wrapping up

Your Instagram won’t grow if you don’t put in your time and efforts in clicking good pictures. Follow a few steps, track your results, see what isn’t working for you.

Honestly, what may have worked for me doesn’t mean it would work for you too. But, your results are what matters.

You can share your results and questions in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

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