The Solo Travel Beginner Guide. Why Yes & Why No.

If you are thinking to travel solo, THIS IS going to be your beginner guide. Travelling Solo is definitely super fun. It would change your perspective towards life. It’s so liberating and makes you feel free as a bird People who have never travelled alone would fail to understand the addiction that one has from […]

30 Tips to Become An Instagram Influencer, With Examples

How to become a successful Instagram Influencer in 2020? Instagram is apparently, the hot topic that everyone talks about. Instagram is helping people get famous and most importantly make money out of it. If you are glued to Instagram and your followers love your posts and stories, you can be an Instagram Influencer too. So, […]

50 Photo Ideas That Can Grow Instagram Followers in 2020

You want to know the simplest answer of how to grow Instagram followers? Post Photos That Look Gorgeous! But, if you struggle taking good pictures, don’t think too much, I can help you a little here. (No. 24 is great!) #1 Your Background is Everything! If you want your pictures to look trendy and quirky, […]

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control-Best ones & Alternatives

In this blog, we shall explain what is a Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control, how to use them, which Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control are good, their price range, their pros & cons and most importantly, what are the alternatives to Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control. If you really like clicking “good” pictures, you’d definitely know the struggle […]

Fotoshoto Fresh Face – Nidhi Garg

Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Nidhi Garg. Let’s understand her views on photography, selfies and many such interesting subjects. #1 Let’s begin with something about yourself? Hey, I’m from Dehradun and I’m working in Adobe, Noida. I love to paint in my leisure time and I hate dogs. #2 Lets have some rapid fire questions before we move […]

1 Way you can remotely access another cell camera!

Remotely having access to another cell camera is not an easy task, this is considered invasion of someone’s privacy, it is possible with the other person’s knowledge. There are a lot of spy apps available online, you can check that. Apart from the spy apps, I came across Fotoshoto, which lets you access someone else’s […]

Fotoshoto Fresh Face – Mayuri Garg

Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Mayuri Garg who is a Director with an IT company. Let’s understand her views on photography, selfies and many such interesting subjects. #1 Let’s begin with something about yourself? I live in Delhi and been married for about 13 years. I love shopping and having a collection of clothes […]

Instagram photo ideas for guys (your ultimate guide)

When it comes to taking good pictures, we talk about girls in majority. To which, I think why should girls have all the fun? Let me present you the ultimate guide for Instagram photo ideas for guys. #1 The first best Instagram Photo Ideas for guys is the Posture Firstly, It’s how the man carries himself in […]

5 ways to take better selfies (a definitive guide)

How to take better selfies? Sometimes, it is difficult to take a flattering photo, hence, we all face this problem, but, what most people don’t know is that it is not important to only show your face for a good picture, but, also, many other things can make you have out of the box pictures: […]

3 free Selfie apps on Android to look out for in 2020

If you love clicking Selfies, these 3 free selfie apps you must explore. #1 Fabby Fabby is one such selfie app which has got interesting photo editing features. Have a look at few of them: Blur This feature blurs out the background and got three different intensities of blur. Theme Theme of Fabby gives different […]