Easy Best Camera poses for boys as Rajnish suggests

Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Rajnish Paul. Let’s understand his views on the Easy Best Camera poses for boys

Rajnish Paul in his Fotoshoto Fresh Face video

#1 Let’s begin with something about yourself.

Am Rajnish Paul. Working as a Creative Designer. I love going to gym, listening to songs.

#2 Let’s have some rapid-fire questions before we move ahead.

Instagram or Facebook?


Which is your favourite fashion brand?


Who is your fashion icon?

Ranveer Kapoor

New clothes or new phone?

New Clothes

Online shopping or shopping in a store?

Shopping in a store.

Black or white?


Favourite photo editor app?

I like Mobile filters only.

#3 Who clicks your best pictures? And when she isn’t around, how do you manage to click your photos?

My wife clicks my best pictures. When she is not around, selfie stick helps me.

easy best camera poses candid

#4 What is the difference that you see in your pictures, clicked by your favourite one and others?

My favourite person knows which angles suit me, she covers full-frame, light and everything.

easy best camera poses for boys beachside

#5 What would be the easy best camera poses for boys as per you?

A fierce and a bold look on boys is what all like.

The simplest pose is to casually lean against a wall and bend one leg on the wall. Folded hands makes it more cool.

Give a side pose of your face looking at something. Here take some extra photos to figure out which of your side pose is the best.

#6 What are the problems in a selfie pose vs someone else clicking?

The one who click pictures always consider all the points in order to capture best picture.

#7 Think for a moment, you are on a solo trip and no one with you to click your pictures. How will you handle this?

I will ask someone to clicks pictures of mine and of course, selfie stick works.

easy best camera poses sitting on a branch

#8 What do you like to do in your free time?

I love watching mythological videos related to our history.

#9 Two things you wouldn’t change about yourself?

One will be going gym everyday and watching ancient history videos.

easy best camera poses for boys near a beach

#10 How frequently do you change your phone and what do you do with the old phone?

Until it gets technical damage. I sell out the old one and buy a new one.

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