Fotoshoto Fresh Face – Nitanshi Khare Gupta

Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Nitanshi Khare Gupta. Let’s understand her views on photography, selfies and many such interesting subjects.

Nitanshi Gupta in her Fotoshoto Fresh Face video

#1 Can you tell our readers something about yourself?

Hi, I am Nitanshi and I am a Media Professional and Creative Entrepreneur. 

#2 What is all about? is a platform where you can fulfil all your Bollywood like wedding desires. From Shopping to Booking a celebrity, we cover it all.

#3 Where did you get the idea of creating

Bollywood has a major influence on Indian Weddings. Being a media person myself I realised how difficult it is for people to get access to our artists and celebs. People take inspirations from movies but don’t have the right resources to make it happen. We needed to bridge the two industries and that’s how Style My Shaadi was conceived.

#4 Didn’t you think of pursuing your career in the TV industry only?

What we create on television is all fictional. With Style My Shaadi, I get to be a part of real life Fairy Tales!

#5 How has your journey been like as an entrepreneur?

The Journey was a bit bumpy as I did not have any first hand business experience previously. But learning to overcome the hurdles with consistent efforts, dedication and passion, that is all entrepreneurship is about I guess.

Girl talking on phone smiling.

#6 Any advice that you want to give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

My husband once told me – “We all have that one quality in us which we know that no-one knows better. If you can find that one thing, there is no looking back!”

#7 What do you in your free time?

Netflix and Chill 🙂

Girl with Umbrella smiling.

#8 Which is your favourite selfie pose?

It better be with the people I love.

#9 Who clicks your best pictures?

My dear Husband.

Beautiful Girl sitting on chair.

#10 When you are alone, say on a solo trip, how would you manage to get your photos clicked?

Though we have so many camera accessories now to solve this problem, it’s always an opportunity to interact with new people and I love that. 

#11 How awkward is it to ask a stranger to get your photos clicked?

First, you offer to click their photos and they will offer the same in return. Clever Right!

Girl with shades standing at wall.

#12 When you buy a new phone, what do you do with the old one?

OLX pe bech de.

#13 Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram Always.

#14 Your favourite fashion brand?

Zara, VeroModa, Forever New.

#15 Who is your fashion icon?

Sonam Kapoor

#16 New clothes or new phone?

Lots of New Clothes.

#17 Online shopping or shopping in a store?

Online Shopping.

Girl in Ethnic dress standing and smiling.

#18 TV or Movies?

Web Series.

#19 Selfie or Getting clicked by someone?

Getting Clicked.

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