Fotoshoto Fresh Face – Prateek Jain

Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Prateek Jain. Let’s understand his views on photography, selfies and many such interesting subjects.

Prateek Jain in his Fotoshoto Fresh Face video

#1 Let’s begin with something about yourself?

My name is Prateek Jain. I live in Delhi ( True Delhiite by heart). I work as a Director for VF Menz Wear and Partner at PS consultants and Counsellors. I love travelling and exploring different places. Driving and Riding are my favourite hobbies. I love to read and write in my free time.

#2 Let’s have some rapid-fire questions before we move ahead.

Instagram or Facebook?


Which is your favourite fashion brand?

VF MENZ WEAR ?, Burberry, D&G, Levis

Who is your fashion icon?

Hrithik Roshan

New clothes or new phone?

New Clothes

Online shopping or shopping in a store?

Shopping in a store.

Black or white?

Both are my favourites.

Favourite photo editor app?


#3 Who clicks your best pictures? And when he isn’t around, how do you manage to click your photos?

My friend Rishabh Jain. If he is not there, I click selfies or let my wife take my pictures.

A boy Enjoying at beach.

#4 What is the difference that you see in your pictures, clicked by your favourite one and others?

The image proportions, Facial profiles, focus, distance from which picture is clicked. He is just perfect in that.

A boy in shades looking at watch.

# 5 Which are your favourite selfie poses?

No special poses. Just phone in the right hand, raise it and click with a smile!!!

#6 What are the problems in a selfie pose vs someone else clicking?

Both have their own pros and cons.
Selfie: You can see your expressions and face angles. You can adjust the frame as you wish.

Someone else: Larger frame and you can be captured fully. Back camera of any mobile is stronger than the front camera and so is the picture quality.

Cute boy taking selfie.

#7 Think for a moment, you are on a solo trip and no one with you to click your pictures. How will you handle this?

Will definitely Carry my tripod and selfie stick with me. A tripod and timer can handle many photographic situations.

A Boy with shades sitting at beach.

#8 How frequently do you change your phone and what do you do with the old phone?

In a year. Old one normally gets damaged.

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