Fotoshoto Fresh Face – Vikas Rathee

Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Vikas Rathee. Let’s understand his views on photography, selfies and many such interesting subjects.

Vikas Rathee in his Fotoshoto Fresh Face video

#1 Let’s begin with something about yourself?

My name is Vikas Rathee. I am an Engineer. My hobbies are Dancing, Sketching. I like sports very much.

#2 Let’s have some rapid-fire questions before we move ahead.

Instagram or Facebook?


Which is your favourite fashion brand?

Van Heusen

Who is your fashion icon?

Hrithik Roshan

New clothes or new phone?

New clothes

Online shopping or shopping in a store?

Shopping in a store.

Black or white?


Favourite photo editor app?

Photo Lab

#3 Who clicks your best pictures? And when they aren’t around, how do you manage to click your photos?

Everyone who is with me at that moment captures me. If nobody is around, I don’t get clicked or will take selfies.

A boy standing at beach.

#4 What is the difference that you see in your pictures, clicked by your favourite one and others?

Content Captured.

Boy standing and playing guitar.

#5 Which are your favourite selfie poses?

Candid Smile

#6 What are the problems in a selfie pose vs someone else clicking?

I am more comfortable with selfies.

A boy with hoodie smiling.

#7 Think for a moment, you are on a solo trip and no one with you to click your pictures. How will you handle this?

Would like to capture only moments then.

A boy in black clothes sitting.

#8 How frequently do you change your phone and what do you do with the old phone?

When I get bored with my phone I change it. I normally gave my old phone to my parents.

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