Ankita suggests How to look Photogenic in Photos?

Who doesn’t want to look stunning in every photo? Ankita our Fotoshoto Freshface will suggest us some tips on how to look photogenic in every photo.

Ankita Saini in her Fotoshoto Fresh Face

#1 Let’s begin with something about yourself?

I am a girl who neither likes cooking, nor I am a foodie. The best part is, love to do shopping, give surprises to people, doing chit-chat with friends, making new friends, hanging out with them.

#2 Let’s have some rapid-fire questions before we move ahead.

Instagram or Facebook?


Which is your Favourite fashion brand?


Who is your fashion icon?

Anushka Sharma

New clothes or new phone?

New Clothes

Online shopping or shopping in a store?

Shopping in a store.

Black or white?


Favourite photo editor app?

The normal editor which is inbuilt in phones ( Waise I don’t edit pictures much)

#3 Who clicks your best pictures? And when he isn’t around, how do you manage to click your photos?

My husband clicks my best pictures. I really look photogenic in most of the pictures he clicks. If he is not around, it’s either my friends or I take selfies.

a girl with a photogenic look

#4 Could you suggest us some ideas on how to look photogenic in pictures?

The angle. The angle matters a lot with perfect light. My husband always suggests standing where the background enhances my pictures.

Also its always good to take a lot of your pictures in different angles and study them. You would know, which angle suits you the most.

The Smile is seen in your eyes and not lips. Try and have a natural smile. It adds a lot to the photograph.

Girl with a photogenic look standing near a tree

#5 Which are your favourite selfie poses?

I generally hold the phone slightly at the top.

#6 What are the problems in a selfie pose vs someone else clicking?

In a selfie, the frames captured most of your face and if someone clicks it, full photo can come. You can crop it if you want to. You get better options.

Girl with a photogenic look with bag

#7 Think for a moment, you are on a solo trip and no one with you to click your pictures. How will you handle this?

There will be no option but a selfie stick can help or maybe I can ask someone to click.

Girl with red top and how to look photogenic

#8 How frequently do you change your phone and what do you do with the old phone?

I generally change my phone in 2 years. If you talk about the old phone, I keep it to myself if it’s in ‘not so bad condition’.

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