Instagram photo ideas for guys (your ultimate guide)

When it comes to taking good pictures, we talk about girls in majority. To which, I think why should girls have all the fun? Let me present you the ultimate guide for Instagram photo ideas for guys.

#1 The first best Instagram Photo Ideas for guys is the Posture

Firstly, It’s how the man carries himself in the first place. Nobody talks about it, but standing in for a picture, one should remember that it is importnat to point the toes outwards for a more confident picture. 

Instagram is all about good pictures, when first and foremost step towards your good picture, half of your work is done.

Instagram photo ideas for guys - Posture

#2 Get your hands to do something for a perfect Instagram photo for guys

Secondly and most importantly, when the person doesn’t know what to do with their hands becomes an awkward picture. Putting your hands in your pocket or holding on to something is a good way to make your pictures look good.

Sometimes, when people let their hands still in the picture and they do nothing, the picture turns out to be very dull and there seems to be no story. And, when there is no story in a picture, nobody stays on to see the picture.

Instagram photo ideas for guys - Hands

#3 Leaning on to something always helps

Lastly, Everyone is not as confident posing for a picture while standing staight. Sometimes, it’s better to lean on to something, that can give good posture and confidence. For these pictures to come out good, good photography is very important. Recently, I came across an app Fotoshoto, that made it possible for good pictures when you don’t have anyone to click for you.

Instagram photo ideas for guys - Leaning

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Wrapping Up

In concluson, anyone and everyone can look good on social media, however, it is not only how one carries themselves, but also, how much confidence they have within themselves. I think, confidence is also the key. Also, there can be other reasons how you can ace this instagram game. Let me know if you’d want to know more about it.

Now that you know everything (almost), why don’t you try and let me know your feedbacks?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Awesome App. This app really gonna help for the boys with new swag look and girls with some more weird pouts 🙂 🙂

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