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Our today’s Fotoshoto Fresh Face is Deepshi Agarwal. Deepshi would give us some ideas on Self Photography for Instagram. Let’s understand her views on many such interesting subjects.

Deepshi Agarwal in her Fotoshoto Fresh Face video

#1 Let’s begin with something about yourself.

My name is Deepshi Agarwal. I work as a junior Analyst in HCL. My hobbies include – dancing and watching web series.

#2 Let’s have some rapid-fire questions before we move ahead.

Instagram or Facebook?


Which is your favourite fashion brand?


Who is your fashion icon?

Deepika Padukone

New clothes or new phone?

New Phone

Online shopping or shopping in a store?

Shopping in a Store.

Black or White?

Both. Depending on my mood.

Favourite photo editor app?


#3 Who clicks your best pictures? And when she isn’t around, how do you manage to click your photos?

My best friend clicks my best pictures else I take selfies which generally are not good enough to upload on social media.

A girl in black Self Photography on Instagram

#4 What are your ideas on Self Photography for Instagram.

To get that one instaworthy photo, we need to click atleast 10 to 15 pictures. Asking someone to click so many pictures isn’t a great ideas.

1: Selfie Stick

2 : Tripod: Having a tripod is one of the best options.

3: Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control App: One of the most convenient ways I must say. Its an application that gets connected to your phone camera and activates the shutter button to click photos from a distance

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control is a small remote control that you connect to your phone which activates the shutter button to click photos from a distance.

#4 What is the difference that you see in your pictures, clicked by your favourite one and others?

I think my best friend gets more invested in the photography task rather than others.

Girl smiling Self Photography on Instagram

#5 Which are your favourite selfie poses?

Smile goes well.

#6 What are the problems in a selfie pose vs someone else clicking?

The problem with selfies is that it can’t capture your whole outfit where else when someone else does it, you can get your whole outfit clicked.

A girl in hoodie showing self photography on Instagram

#7 Think for a moment, you are on a solo trip and no one with you to click your pictures. How will you handle this?

I will carry a selfie stick or will ask any stranger to take my picture.

Girl in snow Self Photography on Instagram

#8 How frequently do you change your phone and what do you do with the old phone?

I only change my phone when the old phone does not work properly and I generally sells the old phone.

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