The Solo Travel Beginner Guide. Why Yes & Why No.

If you are thinking to travel solo, THIS IS going to be your beginner guide.

“Travelling solo means getting to know the real you!”

Travelling Solo is definitely super fun. It would change your perspective towards life.

It’s so liberating and makes you feel free as a bird

People who have never travelled alone would fail to understand the addiction that one has from it.

#1 First thing first, what is Solo Travelling ?

beginner guide to solo travel near a river

Solo travel basically means when you’re travelling alone. Ha ha ha!

Actually No!

Solo traveling is, when you are on your own and do everything right from planning, budgeting, accommodation, meals and so on.

When I ask people if they’re traveling solo any time soon, usually people answer with a no (because India!).

But, a few surprise me with a yes. Apparently ,flying down to meet their family, is what they mean by travelling alone.

Boarding a flight alone to meet your family is not solo traveling, my friend! (sorry not sorry).

#2 But why Should you Travel Solo?

A Solo Traveller

You Get Your Own Freedom

When you have your own freedom, there is nothing anyone can stop you from doing.

Loved a place? Want to stay a little longer? Oh yes!

The following points would guide what a beginner would experience during a Solo Travel.

You can plan your own trip, on your terms

Secondly, believe me or not, but half of the excitement for the trip is planning.

There is an increased level of excitement when you don’t have to think about someone else.

No arguments, no compromises, no stress about what the other person likes.

Solo Travel can make all your wild thoughts come true.

Your Self Confidence gets a boost

Traveling solo requires making your own decisions, solving your own problems

This in turn makes you more confident and decisive.

There is no better feeling when you know you can get over your own obstacles without waiting for anyone’s help.

You’ll get a chance to think in peace

Also, with the increased social life, it is very difficult for us to think in peace for a moment.

The time you get with yourself would be the best. No arguments, no fights and no compromises.

A girl enjoying on a beach showing types of selfies
Mishu on her Solo trip to Goa

Solo Travel is bound to make you have a lot of friends in your way.

You can make a lot of friends on your way

Lastly, when you actually travel solo you will get to know that making new friends is actually easier.

You are without a company, therefore, you will have new people you can talk to.

Making new friends has never been easier, right?

#3 Why Is it said Travelling Solo is hard?

Traveling Solo is one hell of an experience.

And If you are doing a Solo Travel for the first time, as a beginner, the following points can guide and make you aware of some hard parts and how to overcome them.

It is all the wonderful things that a person can experience.

But even then, it has a lot of hard parts to it.

a. There is no one to watch your stuff

Beginner guide to solo Travel

It is a hard task for you to look after your stuff. There are chances and also instances that your stuff gets stolen (I know, it’s hard!)

But, it is also very easy to take care of your stuff like the way you take care of yourself.

b. Loneliness

Not that it is very common, but it is something that bothers some people.

Visiting a new place and not knowing anyone can be hard.

Specially when you fall sick and there is no one but you who can take care of yourself.

We can count as many difficulties as we can, but the fact remains the same.

Difficutes are many but the fact remains, it is that, when you think of traveling solo you sign up for the experience.

c. Getting lost

At times you might get lost and miss the way to your destination. This might be scary specially if its about to get dark

But this can be totally avoided if you have the navigation app installed on your smart phone.

Make sure you have the contact details of your hotel handy.

d. Taking your own picture

Solo travelers usually complain about not being able to take good pictures while traveling.

I’d recommend the following solutions.


Reactions to a selfie stick are quite mixed. Not everyone is as interested in selfie stick as they were before.

Also, few travelers suggest asking a stranger to take a picture. Usually the clicks are not something you’d cherish.

Usually, he stranger clicking your picture doesn’t know what you want.


Here, you connect your phone’s camera via Bluetooth with the remote to click a picture.

It is an expensive thing, not everyone can afford it.


We all know what a hassle it is to set the timer and run for that propose.

Yes, it is difficult to take a picture with the only given options.

There is another option too!


Fotoshoto is the remote control of your phone camera.

Just like the Bluetooth Selfie Remote controller, Fotoshoto helps you click your pictures, without any struggle.

Difference is, it is really inexpensive!

How does Fotoshoto work?

  • Install fotoshoto app on two android phones.
  • Create User id on both phones.
  • Open fotoshoto app on both phones.
  • Make sure both phones are kept close by.
  • Click on Pair New Device on any one phone.
  • App will start searching for another phone. It might take few seconds to search.
  • Once other phone is searched, click on it to Pair.
  • The other phone will get Pairing Request. Accept it.
  • Once paired, you can view the photo preview from one phone to another.
  • Pose as you wish and click!

It is one of the best solutions I know for the “picture problem”.

As of now, Fotoshoto is available for all Android Devices on Playstore.

You can download Fotoshoto here!

#4 Types Of Pictures You Can Click to make Traveling Solo fun?

The most common question you get when you tell someone that you’ve traveled solo is “Who clicks your picture if you travel solo?

  • Take a Polaroid and click its picture.
Solo Travel Beginner guide with a cat around
  • Use a selfie stick to show people who you met.
  • Show the people where you went with the exact expression on your face.
beginner guide to solo travel in a restaurant
  • Use as many colors in your background as possible.
  • Tell people what you ate, exotic food is the key!
beginner guide to solo travel with exotic food

#5 Who Are Some Travel Bloggers In India?

We all have had at least one friend, who has once told you that s/he is going to ditch everything and travel. But how many of them actually do this? Not many nah!

But, there are a few people who have made sure that they do what they like (yeah! For a living!). These are some very influential people who make me want to be a travel blogger!

  • Neelima Vallangi

Neelima is a travel writer and a photographer by profession now, who quit her 7 year job as a software engineer to do this full time.

She started traveling in 2008 but worked from 2008-2014 in Banglore. She finally quit her job in 2014 and left home in 2015 to live independently.

Her travel experiences have taken her to remote offbeat corners of Turkey, Mongolia, Nepal among others.

View this post on Instagram

Communism makes Kerala work? Or Kerala makes Communism work? Few years ago, I heard something about Kerala topping all social and human development indices in the country and my interest was piqued about the communist state. I think the few major things many of us associate with communism is the mass killings worldwide, rejection of both private property ownership and free market economy. However, after learning about Kerala model of development, I got curious about communism in India and then I started wondering how or why did the communist ideology succeed in Kerala while it failed to work in West Bengal. Did you know that Kerala has consistently topped the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals index in India, as measured by NITI Aayog? SDGs measure a range of indices from poverty, hunger, education, gender parity, health, life expectancy, infant mortality, green development etc etc to arrive at an indication of the well being of the people. This differs from the plainly capitalistic model of ascertaining well-being based on per capita income and GDP. And as of now, Kerala has the best overall standards of living in the whole country! Which brings me to the inference that perhaps it is not communism that makes Kerala work, an ideology that has failed to produce the utopian egalitarian society anywhere else in the world. If it works even partially in Kerala, it is because the people make it work. And the communism you see in Kerala isn’t even strict communism, it is mainly a successful welfare state with a heavy focus on the working class, while deriving some capitalist economy benefits without losing its soul entirely. As Coronavirus pokes giant holes in the armour of our world built on extractive capitalism, now is a good time to rethink our economies and idea of progress by examining states that have an alternative yet working model of development. I’ve tried to investigate this a bit in my latest travel post, an introduction to what makes Kerala work the way it does, offering some theories, article links & data. LINK IN BIO, GO READ. Kerala people, feel free to comment with your thoughts on what makes your state work the way it does.

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  • Archana Singh

Archana is an Award winning travel writer and speaker. Her impressive storytelling skill has made her gain a lot of popularity across the world.

Since she was am army kid, she had been traveling since her childhood. But, the trip that changed her mind was when she traveled to Europe in 2012. Since then, there has been no looking back.

  • Seema Gurnani

Seema is an award winning 24 years old star who quit her comfortable job to try on places and their food.

She traveled solo to Goa when she was 16 years old. She says that this trip Goa is her most favorite and memorable.

#6 Conclusion

Solo traveling is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, trust me traveling alone can change your life for better. You can never have this kind of an experience when you travel with someone.

Be it the food, be it the culture of the place you visited, or be it the pictures you click there, everything will be worth.

Hopefully, I’ve included everything that you would want to know about a Beginner Guide to Solo Travel

So, would you want to travel solo in 2021 ? Are you up for the experience?

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