The Ultimate Guide to Self Timer Camera Apps

In this blog, we shall explain what is Self Timer, how to use it, why to use it, what are its drawbacks, which are good self-timer camera apps and last but not the least, what are the alternatives to Self Timer Camera apps.

What is a Self Timer?

# Let’s first understand, what actually is a Self-timer?

Self-timer is a shooting mode in your camera that automatically clicks the picture.

Inside your phone, you can select the timer option in your phone’s camera. For instance, you can either select 3s (three seconds), 5s (five seconds) or 10s (ten seconds).

How to use

# How do you use Self-Timers?

  • Open your Phone Camera.
  • Click on the Self-Timer icon, on the top.
iPhone Self Timer 2 for Selfe Camera Apps
  • You will be given options to select a time.
iPhone Self Timer 1 for Selfe Camera Apps
  • Select a time and the countdown for the picture to get clicked will begin.
  • And, there you have your picture saved in your Photo Gallery.

why to use it!

# Now, the question is what are the benefits of using Self-timer?

The Self-timer can be used because of many reasons, a few are:

Group pictures

Self timer helps to take group pictures. While clicking a group picture, one of us is surely left behind the camera, but with Self Timer, this problem can be tackled easily.

Self Portraits

It also help us to take our own self portraits, especially when we’re all alone and have no one to click our pictures.

Clear Picture with No Motion Blur

If you are a photographer, or want to be one, the first thing, that has to be kept in mind is how to click a vibration free picture.

For the picture to not be shaky, you need to have you phone on a surface, like a Tripod, but what if, you forget to carry your Tripod?

The Solution? You can use your phone’s Timer to click the picture, because the Timer gives your camera ample time to not be shaky.

Macro Photography

Macro photography can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t have the required equipments, like the camera stand.

The more closer you are to the object, the more difficult it is for the camera to focus and not move. It is when, the Self Timer helps.

Hands Free Photography

Do you ever wish you had a third hand, the one to click your picture? Yeah, me too!

Hand-free photography is helpful for the bloggers, who want to click pictures, while eating/cooking. Self-timer in this case, is a huge help.


# What are the disadvantages of a Self-Timer?

  • The one disadvantage of a self-timer is that the image flips while clicking the picture.
  • Self-Timer creates real hassle, when we click the shutter of our camera, and run to pose in the given time (3s, 5s, or 10s). This rush, creates tension on the face which results in not so good pictures (telling you with my experience here!)
  • We all know clicking a picture with the Timer is a task, and the continuous efforts to click one good picture, makes us tired as hell!

Self Timer Camera Apps

#6 What are some Self timer apps?

To be honest, Self -Timer camera apps have nothing much to offer. Still, you may try these apps:

  • Camera MX
  • Self Camera HD
  • CamTimer
  • Self Timer Camera
  • Wear Camera
  • Fisheye Pro
  • Sensor Camera
  • Silent camera2
  • Pixtocam
  • Nightshooting


# What are the alternatives of Self-Timer Camera apps?

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control is a small remote control that you connect to your phone which activates the shutter button to click photos from a distance.

Please go though my earlier blog – Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control – Best ones & Alternatives for a detailed knowledge.


Fotoshoto is the remote control of your phone camera.

You get to see the Live Preview of your photo before you click it. Self timer is a past-tense when you compare it with Fotoshoto!

How to use Fotoshoto?

# How To Use Fotoshoto

  • Install fotoshoto on two android phones.
  • Create User id on both phones.
  • Open fotoshoto app on both phones.
  • Make sure both phones are kept close by.
  • Click on Pair New Device on any one phone.
  • App will start searching for another phone. It might take few seconds to search.
  • Once other phone is searched, click on it to Pair.
  • The other phone will get Pairing Request. Accept it.
  • Once paired, you can view the photo preview from one phone to another.
  • Pose as you wish and click!

Why is Fotoshoto better?

# Why is Fotoshoto better than Self Timer Camera Apps?

  • Live & fast preview screen
  • Focus
  • Remote camera control
  • Take remote pictures
  • Pictures are being saved in both remote shutter and camera in full quality!
  • Set delay timer
  • No internet connection is needed
  • Pictures can be taken remotely with over 100m distance!
  • All android versions are supported

How to get Fotoshoto?

# Where to download fotoshoto from?

As of now, Fotoshoto is available for all Android Devices on Play store.

You can download Fotoshoto from here!

Wrapping Up


Undoubtedly Self-timer is one of those underrated features we have in our phone (hopefully). But in today’s age of Instagram & Facebook, we need much more than just a Self Timer, something like Fotoshoto.

Please share your comments in the section given below. I would be happy to read your experiences.

Thanks for reading.

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