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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fotoshoto?
1. Do you also feel that Selfies make your face look big?
2. Do you hate when you’re behind the camera and not in Group Pictures?
3. Don’t you find pictures with Selfie Sticks too boring?
4. Do you find it awkward to ask strangers to click your pictures?
5. Aren’t you disappointed seeing the pictures that stranger click for you?
6. On a Solo Trip but have no one to click your pictures?
7. On a trip with your partner but have no one to click your couple pictures?
8. Do you want to show off your back, but have no one to click your picture?
If yes, then Fotoshoto is the answer to every problem that you face. Fotoshoto is the remote control of your phone camera. You can watch the live preview of your camera on your second phone and take awesome Selfies and Group Pictures.
What are the key features of Fotoshoto?
The Fotoshoto application comes with the following features:
1. Live Preview while clicking pictures.
2. Self-Timer.
3. Burst Mode.
4. Instant Preview after clicking picture.
How does Fotoshoto work?
1. Download Fotoshoto app.
2. Create your fotoshoto ID to login.
3. Search for the fotoshoto ID to pair your device with.
4. Shortly the paired phone will start showing your camera’s live feed.
5. Keep one phone anywhere for the picture.
6. Pose and click!
From where can the app be downloaded?
The app is currently available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Play Store.
What are the prerequisites of using the app?
The user needs to have two android devices. One device would act as the camera and other as the remote.
Can an iPhone device be used for the remote access?
No, the app currently works on Android devices only. Shortly, the iPhone version will be launched too!
Is there any sign-up process?
There is no lengthy sign-up process. Once downloaded, launch the app, simply create your fotoshoto ID and start using the app.
Can we use Fotoshoto without Internet?
At the moment, both the devices must be connected with the Internet.
Where do I access the pictures clicked using Fotoshoto?
All pictures clicked using Fotoshoto would be saved in your Fotoshoto and phone gallery.
How can the pictures clicked using Fotoshoto be shared?
The pictures can be shared on WhatsApp and Instagram from your phone gallery.
Is there any limit on the pictures that can be clicked using Fotoshoto?
No, you may click as many pictures as you want.